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AI Consulting & Implementation

AI Platform makes it easier for machine learning developers, data scientists and engineers to take their projects from a mere idea to quick and effective production and deployment.

Understanding this, CMC Global helps you discover new opportunities to take your business to the next level with our AI Consulting & Implementation service by minimizing costs in many ways such as preventing effort duplication, simple tasks automation, and expense reduction.

Our Approach

AI Platform Consulting

No one should design solutions for problems that don’t even exist, that’s why you can count on CMC Global’s AI Platform Consulting service.

Our AI experts identify the most pressing challenges, map out initiatives utilizing data analytics and Artificial Intelligence to tackle issues to contribute strategic consulting that far exceed clients’ expectation.

Support Engineer

With a deep understanding about clients and their customer, functional, and design constraints, CMC Global apply new technologies such as smart video ads, AR/VR, speech. etc so that you can enjoy the most out of our AI Platform design.

How we work

Analyze to make consultancy

Platform design

Platform design

Analyze Design requirements and models

Analyze Design requirements and models

Platform evaluation

Why choose us?

Start in 1 week

With our robust resources and deep expertise, CMC Global can assign experts to start your project within 1 week

More Savings

Building your own AI departments can be a big investment, while CMC Global maximizes your cloud investment, simplifies operations and makes an agile IT environment using seamless, continuous integration of new technologies and automation. With leading technologies and solutions, we save you thousands of dollars in operational costs.

High Security

While consulting and designing to help clients keep pace with an ever-evolving industrial landscape, we also ensure IP, security and compliance.

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