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Cloud Managed Service

Unlock the full potential of your business and drive you to success with CMC Global’s simple, fast and smart Cloud Managed Service

What we offer

Cloud ITSM service

Cloud ITSM service

We manage, operate and patch cloud infrastructure to detect any incident, problems and change in management

Application Support

Application Support

We provide technical support services for various enterprises by resolving issues, support end-users, answer technical questions via ticketing system, reporting based on actual work and co-ordinate with other teams in the troubleshooting process

Backup and Recovery

Backup and Recovery

We offer data backup and client system services, as well as disaster recovery plan and periodically testing

What we offer



We act as the first contact point when a customer enters your system and in charge of resolving simple requests, monitoring the infrastructure and applications to avoid any possible issues.

Application Support Engineer


We do the application and backup/ restore operations and analyze logs. We are also in charge of implementing complex request and changes

Cloud ITSM Support Engineer


We manage and support all issues related to Cloud hardware systems, server performance, network, etc… CMC Global team also in charge of provision, decommission, scale up or scale down the system while providing support on Cloud services

DevOps Support Engineer


Our experts manage the DevOps environment, provide support on process automation and take responsibility for all CI/CD activities.



Our experts will give you advice on technical investigation and solutions to rebuild applications.



We take the responsibility for general management to give out points of escalation for clients.

Why choose us?

Great support

Application and system models are well-monitored 24/7/265. We provide ongoing guidance and support for continued operation.

Less cost and resources spent

Regardless of what you are aiming at, keeping costs down and saving IT staff’s time is key. CMC Global not only delivers services with the latest technology, but also reduces planning, deployment and operational costs.

Large IT Talents pool

We provide large IT Talents pools with Cloud support engineers, flexible working location managed by experienced specialists to allow customers to focus on their core business

Quality ensured

We enhance the system’s performance and efficiency with value-added activities over day-to-day cloud complexities. All ITSM standard qualities are strictly followed. We also enhanced security and compliance capabilities for your peace of mind.

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